Five Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? At Rob Shea Carpentry, we are happy to assist with jobs of any size. We have a service division that was created in order to take care of smaller projects, such as kitchen remodels, for clients just like you.

In this blog, we’ll share five kitchen remodeling styles to inspiration you. Once you make up your mind, we can install custom, built-in cabinets and furniture in your kitchen to create a space you will love.

Traditional Style

The traditional kitchen style is timeless and elegant. It features classic design elements like:
  • ornate cabinetry
  • cupboards with paneled or glass doors
  • icebox or latched hardware
  • vintage light fixtures.
When entering a traditional kitchen, you would often find yourself walking across a hardwood floor and looking at countertops made of natural materials like granite or marble. A traditionally-styled kitchen creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere emphasizing the importance of spending time with family and friends.

Modern Style

The modern kitchen style is all about clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. Its key elements are:
  • sleek handleless cabinets of two or more colors and finishes
  • stainless steel appliances
  • reflective surfaces made of high-tech materials like quartz.
If you are looking to add a futuristic vibe to your house, the cutting-edge design of a modern kitchen would be a perfect choice.

Rustic Style

The rustic kitchen style is inspired by the natural beauty of the outdoors. It features elements like:
  • exposed wood beams
  • stone walls
  • natural materials like slate and clay tiles
  • wooden flooring and cabinets.
Rustic kitchens often have a warm, cozy feel, with a focus on earthy colors and textures.

Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse kitchen style is another popular choice, featuring a mix of traditional and rustic elements. This style typically includes features like:
  • shaker-style cabinets
  • apron-front sinks
  • open shelving
  • cabinetry with traditional raised panel designs.
Soft, muted colors like cream, beige, and light blue help to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. If you want to create a weekend getaway vibe in your very own home, choose this style for your kitchen.

Coastal Style

The coastal kitchen style is perfect for those who love the beach and the sea. This style typically features light, airy colors like white, beige, and pale blue. Nautical elements like rope, driftwood, and sea glass are often used as decorative accents. The coastal style common features are:
  • rattan or wicker furniture
  • window treatments that let as much sunlight in as possible
  • waterproof flooring.
A coastal style kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a leisurely dinner with family and friends.

Now that we’ve explored five common kitchen styles, we hope you’re feeling inspired to start planning your own kitchen remodelling project! Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of a traditional kitchen, the sleek and functional design of a modern kitchen, the natural beauty of a rustic kitchen, the cozy atmosphere of a farmhouse kitchen, or the beachy vibes of a coastal kitchen, Rob Shea Carpentry can bring your vision to life. We can install cabinets and furniture to perfectly fit your chosen style, creating a space that not only looks great but is also functional and practical. Contact us today to start planning your kitchen remodel project and stay tuned for the next blog with five more kitchen style ideas!

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