Experience the Joy of New Beginnings

RSC Creates Homes Worth Celebrating

Building a new home should be FUN! The RSC New Construction division ensures that the entire process, from start to finish, not only meets but exceeds your expectations. The planning phase of any project sets the tone for production and is prioritized to ensure the desired objectives are achieved. Project management begins with the RSC sales team, ensuring a seamless handoff to our production team. Our team of professional custom home builders will walk you through our process every step of the way, ensuring that every detail is considered.

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Highly Efficient Home Builds

We specialize in constructing custom homes that are highly efficient to operate and easy to maintain. New construction can be somewhat mysterious to those who aren’t immersed in it every day. RSC is here to educate you about the process and what goes into building your new home. While appliances come with user manuals, a home itself doesn’t. It’s a living piece of art that requires care and maintenance to ensure it lasts for generations.

Timber Frame Construction

Timber frame home construction is one specialty of RSC’s new construction division. It presents unique building challenges, which the RSC team fully understands. The structural framing and finished product are seamlessly integrated into the timber frame building. Recognizing and working with the finished material from the outset is crucial to ensuring that all the details come together seamlessly. The bones of your home deserve to be celebrated and showcased. If you appreciate craftsmanship at the highest level, then a timber frame home is for you.

new built home framing
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A Home Built for YOUR Needs

Retirement may be on the horizon, and this new phase in life is the perfect time to build your forever home. Custom-built homes designed for aging in place make this transition possible. Features like easily navigable hallways, curb-less showers, and single-level living are just a few examples of how we future-proof your build. You may be downsizing now that your children have grown and started their own families, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the house will be empty. We want to understand if you’ll be hosting large gatherings during the holidays or for birthdays. Balancing the conflicting needs of a home is where the RSC New Construction Division excels. Creating a home that feels cozy for day-to-day living while still being able to accommodate larger gatherings is an art form that RSC specializes in. Are you ready to start that conversation?

Vacation & Second Homes

Many people have rented vacation homes for decades, dreaming of the day they might build their own vacation house. We can make your vacation home dreams come true. Let us walk you through designing and building a vacation home so you can see what is possible. If you have been renting for years, you know what you like and, more importantly, what you don’t enjoy in a home. Please bring this information to us so we can build you a custom vacation home that exceeds your wildest dreams.

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Homes for Growing Families

Starting a family is a significant decision that alters your life forever. Build the family home of your dreams designed around the needs of ever-growing children and adults. The layout of a home is incredibly important and cannot be overlooked. A well-designed home is more organized, easily maintained, and cleaned. Don’t waste your time managing backpacks and overflowing playrooms. Take the time before RSC New Construction swings a hammer to ensure the house is right for your current and future needs. How your home feels and functions is as important as its aesthetics.

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