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The same values, principles and vision that have established RSC as one of the premier contractors in Vermont, has served to help us attract some of the most talented and experienced craftsmen in the industry.

From first contact to your final walk-through, you will have the pleasure of working with true trade professionals who are thoroughly committed to ensuring that every aspect of your project exceeds your expectations.


Rob Shea


The smell of sawdust in the air or walking through a framed-out house still brings me straight back to my childhood. My father was a carpenter and I was immersed in the trade from the very beginning. Building is my passion. Building RSC from a sole proprietorship to a significant and growing contracting company has been an exciting endeavor that has allowed me to give back by providing opportunity for my employees, fulfilling the needs of our many satisfied customers and directly contributing to our community by supporting numerous non-profits through the donation of time and services. RSC has allowed me to build with my heart, something far more substantial than that which I am able to build with my hands alone.


Karl Burnor

Lead Carpenter

Karl excels at maximizing the potential of any employee who is put on his team. He inherently understands how to maximize strengths while simultaneously assigning tasks that foster growth. Karl truly leads by example and actively seeks feedback from everyone within the RSC team so that he can grow and improve. His ability to look at his own strengths and weaknesses is one of the many reasons he is an excellent leader.


Mike Kearns

Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter who is actively working on increasing his general construction knowledge. As a lead he is able to pass his construction and carpentry knowledge down to the other members of his team. Mike’s ability to learn from each project he completes makes him an invaluable member of the team. Mike is reserved and quiet by nature and this demeanor puts customers at ease whenever he is around.


Tayler Stutzman


Tayler is a carpenter with vast experience in the commercial construction sector. Having a carpenter on the team who understands commercial construction allows us to adapt techniques and tailor them, so they fit into the residential setting we primarily work in. From day one Tayler has been willing to voice his opinion and ask questions so that he can improve as a carpenter and so that RSC can grow as a company.


Kacy Chicoine

Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter and one of the best problem solvers that we have. Whenever there is a project that is outside of the box, we know we can hand it off to Kacy and his team and they will get it done. The attention to detail is obvious on all aspects of the projects Kacy runs. It’s hard not to like Kacy upon meeting him and we hear that from almost all of the customers that he interacts with. We know that any project Kacy is assigned to will exceed both the customers and companies’ expectations.


Dakota Desautels

Carpenter 's Apprentice

An apprentice with a background in exterior construction and framing. Dakota is currently working with our seasoned finish carpenters so that he can improve that skill set and move into the role of a carpenter with RSC. Team player is what best describes Dakota as he truly does whatever is asked of him with a smile on his face.


Andy Toy

Apprentice / Estimator

Apprentice with a very extensive background in retail management. Andy is currently working in the field as an apprentice so that he can learn what a construction company does day in day out. This ground up experience is invaluable and is the reason making the transition to a full-time office position with the company is possible. Andy’s willingness to work in the field before moving into the office shows his commitment to the job and the fact that he truly wants to understand all aspects of the business he is a part of.

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